Praise for our parish council

We read with amazement the letter in last week’s issue regarding Beckingham Parish Council from an un-named “Concerned Bassetlaw Resident”.

The words “It sounds as if” feature four times in the letter, indicating that the writer does not know if the comments are correct, and if so, why write such a letter?

We moved to Beckingham nearly six years ago, and have been impressed with the manner in which the parish council get things done, in an ever increasing bureaucratic world. Communication of their actions is clear, and by their actions, they have brought much needed funding to the village. Last year’s Jubilee Celebrations were a credit to the organisation and vision of the parish council, the Neighbourhood Watch and Speed Watch schemes continue to operate for the benefit of the community, and are admired by the authorities. The Willow Works have been expertly renovated, thanks to the parish council and their dedication. These are just a few of the achievements that Beckingham cum Saundby residents have their parish council to thank for.

It is easy to nit pick and play politics, bringing about inaction and “can’t see the wood for the trees” syndrome. Rather than stirring up suspicion of the parish council’s methods, “Concerned Bassetlaw Resident” should look at the bigger picture and appreciate a council which is pro-active and works with the villagers’ interests at heart, without seeking personal glory.

Roger & Sue Platts

Beckingham Residents