Practical Politics

Last Saturday the Labour Party was out in force in Worksop with the laudable aim of campaigning to freeze energy prices to help support people who are finding life hard under the present climate of austerity measures.

Food banks and charity shops and the CAB all play their part.

However the Labour Party in Bassetlaw seem to want to take a completely different approach.

Council tax help is now likely to be reduced by £123. Obviously a piffling amount to the honourable well-heeled Labour Party Councillors who run Bassetlaw Council. But a life-line to those poorest members of our community who are in real need at this time of the year.

Remember that this is the Labour Party.

If these Labour Party Councillors look deep into their souls how can they live with what they are doing?

This has to be redressed with the council tax reduction being paid in full so no more pay day loans, no more action over non-payment, no more threat of bailiffs and no more stress and worry.

Cutting councillors to one per ward as with the county council will help save 23 individual sets of expenses and at a stroke put around at least £115,000 from basic allowances into the kitty for starters.

There must be many other ways to save loads of money which after all is said and done comes from our council taxes.


Bassetlaw Resident