Plans will be appealed

Re: Special Meeting West Lindsey Planning Comittee Application 128940. Wind Farm at Hemswell Cliff, Lincolnshire.

I was present at the above meeting and was appalled at the ignorance and incompetence of many of the councillors that spoke at the meeting. The agenda papers clearly stated what the material considerations were yet many of them were never mentioned in the debate. Councillors focused very heavily on the visual dominance of the structures in a negative and unhelpful display of nimbyism. On the other hand they failed to say very much about measures to mitigate the visual impact or indeed the incidental effects on the ecology and heritage.

As West Lindsey Council is a member of the Central Lincolnshire Planning Group they need to either adopt policies that are in harmony with the strategic policies of higher levels of governance or explain where they will permit wind farms if not at Hemswell Cliff.

As West Lindsey does not have an up to date Local Plan which takes into account national and CLPG policies they need to hurry up and find suitable sites elsewhere or they are almost certain to be taken to a very costly appeal which they will lose.

Norman Haigh

(Via email)