Plan causes concern

I attended the meeting held on December 12th by the Government planning inspector where it became apparent that the Central Lincolnshire Plan complied by West Lindsey, Lincoln and North Kesteven councils over a period of four years was going to be found wanting.

The inspector set out his many criticisms of the plan, the most telling of which was that it did not give reasons for the sites selected for housing development and it did not show what key infrastructure needed to be provided and when it was required in order to be reasonably certain of the delivery of sustainable housing on these sites.

As well as three sites in Gainsborough development at Scotter on the border with North Lincolnshire also gives cause for concern as the planners failed to consult with neighbouring councils.

I note that West Lindsey District Council consider that the plan’s return to the drawing board as “an opportunity to rethink the way we engage with our local communities through our plan making.” I wholeheartedly agree but am concerned by their statement “We should ensure that local communities are given clear information about what the options are for each settlement’s growth.” In my view communities should have a say in where, what size and when settlements should be built. As this mainly affects Gainsborough and some of the larger villages surrounding our town I think the parish and town councils have a major role to play in putting forward the considered views of the local people. This can be achieved through parish plans which West Lindsey District Council claims to respect.

Barry C. Coward


Gainsborough Liberal Democrats