Parties should work together

I look at all aspects of what is going on with regards to local councils and with a little bit of searching myths begins to unfold.

We have one councillor blaming Gordon Brown, let’s just look at this first. When Labour came to power in 1997 there was a 3.7% deficit by 2008 there was growth at 2%. We then had the banking crisis as we were a banking nation created by the Thatcher Government and we got hit hard but not as hard as other countries as the government claim overspend was within limits and also lower than other countries in G7. Growth when Labour left office was 2.7% after three years it is at 0.6% no myth. All this has now been confirmed by the. IMF Ons and other organisations.

With regards to the council tax whether it be Labour or Tory in charge there would have to be cuts or rises.

My complaint is that it is okay saying they are freezing the council tax but anybody with any sense knows with the cuts being made by central government and the pressure put on councils to get involved being put more on councils regarding social care with no extra funding, it is at breaking point.

You then look at the funding in London and the south east cuts £235m up this end of the country £4.5b, no wonder councils are up in arms over the funding formula.

Anyway councillors of all parties should be working together to lobby government over cuts not game blaming as it is central government who are putting services at risk even council survival in some cases worth a


Derek Bowskill