Paper’s sad move

Yet another rat deserts the sinking ship! I am appalled at the

wording in last week’s paper “The move will allow the

Standard to ‘remain at the heart of the community’ ….” and

Ben Green’s comments “ …. moving to new and modern premises ‘in the middle of the town’.”

The actual town centre is Market Square! Admittedly the powers that be have created this former lovely place into a “State of Nothingness” which cost a fortune and nobody likes!

Edward Leigh and three others extol the advantages of the

Gainsborough Standard – a newspaper that is doing a weekend flit to Marshall’s Yard (and leaving yet another building boarded up), even though it advocates keeping the town centre alive!

Does this now mean that the Standard will not only move

premises but shift its loyalty to Marshall’s Yard and champion the death knell of the real town centre?

Ms Ruth M. Harper

(via email)