Old relics are the best!

Some simple but effective items have all but disappeared from our everyday lives.

One such relic is the humble boot scraper! (Oh for the days when a walk across a muddy field was greeted by a method to detach heavy and clogging mud from the soles and sides of our boots and shoes, especially in winter.

On the other hand, some reasonably modern inventions strike me as being pointless, dangerous and damned sight intrusive to a health environment as well.

What am I talking about? None other than modern plastic vehicle wheel trims! If I had a pound for every shattered wheen trim and retaining band that I removed from our roads and kerb sides, I’d be a rich man by now! Being close to the brakes on a car the wheel trims get hot, the plastic becomes brittle and they crack and dislodge easily. Add to that, the pot-holed condition of many of our roads, the horrid grey wheel trims jolt off the vehicle as they hit the massive depressions in the road. They may well improve the look of our treasured cars and vans, but not the look and safety of our busy roads, that’s for sure!

Geoff Evans

East Avenue, Stanfree