Notts is being penalised!

We were told in the spring that Notts County Council faced its budget being slashed by £133m. This is due to the government’s decision not to collect the £100b a year lost to tax dodging.

Thus the short fall can be used as a means of cutting services and privatising public property.

Prior to its defeat in 2000, Labour had won seven elections in a row and governed the country for 28 years.

This year, Conservative leader Kay Cutts was thrown out after just one term of office of four years.

Now we are told that Nottinghamshire is to be penalised by an extra £21m of cuts, £154m in total!

The ‘reasons’ for the original cuts are, of course political not economic!

Will Kay Cutts tell us why we in Nottinghamshire are to be penalised for exercising our democratic right not to vote Conservative?

Will she and local Conservatives, Councillor Chris Wanless, Wendy Quigley and regularly defeated candidate Alec Thorpe publish their correspondence, petitions and delegations to named ministers objecting to this crude political victimisation?

Will they refrain from further letters to our paper until they have done so?