No wind turbines at Hemswell

As the weeks go by the planning application for the 10 huge wind turbines around the Hemswell Cliff area comes ever nearer for determination by West Lindsey’s planning committee.

The Vocat Group based around the 10 communities affected are doing all they can to make sure this huge industrial development is not passed at committee, as its acceptance would destroy the sky line on the open Lincolnshire cliff countryside. The proposal and effect of 10 wind turbines each half as high again as our magnificent cathedral, brooding over the view of 10 Cliff villages cannot be over emphasised.

Such has been the enthusiasm for wind farms mainly by the liberal coalition partners in government, that the rules are at the planning meeting, committee members are barred from arguments about the turbines gross inefficiency, the massive subsidies to be paid to the landowners and developers (all paid for out of our electricity bills), or the effect on the value of resident properties or the difficulty selling them, talk about fighting with one hand behind your back!

However Eric Pickles, the Government Minister now responsible has now made it clear, in his latest government release, that local communities must be listened to by planners and planning inspectors and if objections are justified then a wind farm application should not be passed.

To enforce our case, we have 2,500 letters of local objection and many well reasoned arguments to present. Vocat is well organised and determined to protect the Lincolnshire landscape from this wanton vandalism that threatens the wellbeing of 5,000 residents of the Hemswell Cliff area. Also the safety from distraction for motorists on the dangerous A15 and on the main Gainsborough road at Hemswell Cliff, has to be a major hazard from loss of concentration to drivers of the highest magnitude. This is a last chance to mobilise everyone who objects to these grossly inefficient turbines that add to everyone’s energy bill and endangers lives on these two already dangerous red routes with every swish of their obtrusive blades!

If you can add to our efforts please contact me on: and I will pass on your details to the Vocat group.

Please support our efforts to protect our Lincolnshire landscapes.

Cllr Lewis Strange

Lincolnshire CC

Ancholme and The Cliff