No answers despite new clothes

I recently contacted the Citizen’s Advice Bureau with regards to being banned from using Moxon’s Tours due to dress code.

They sent a letter to Moxon’s to find out the reason why I could not go on anymore day trips with them.

They told me to modify my personal presentation when I next went with them on their coaches. So I bought new things such as shirts, trousers and pullover. But in my opinion there was no need for this as what I was wearing seemed perfectly alright for these trips.

May I respectfully remind Moxon’s that they have not given me any sort of other reason on the letter I received for the ban and no other explanations, which is what I asked for via the advice bureau.

It’s my opinion that passengers on their coaches must wear their very best clothes and aftershave or people and drivers on the same coaches as them will report them to the office and will be issued with warnings leading to a ban.

I have been travelling with this company for three years and paid a vast amount of money into the company!

Mr D. Potter

Long Lane, Carlton