My plans for the area

Dear Anston people,

I would like to see the train line opened up through Anston and Dinnington to carry people into Sheffield via hybrid tram.

This is possible even now, but reopening the unused via duct at Lindrick Dale for little cost would improve the situation. As a temporary measure I would like to see the parking increased at Kiveton Station as a temporary measure, the proposed site for the travellers would be a great location, on top of that concrete platforms already exist where the Kiveton wire works site existed and this has been opened up in the past for the Canal Festival.

I would also like to see the proposed site for the travellers converted into a heritage and visitors centre for the canal in the future, as it is finally completed all the way through to Chesterfield, bringing leisure and jobs to the area.

This would just be one of many plans I would like to see for this area, if I was elected as an Independent borough councillor for Anston and Woodsetts.

The travellers had their opportunity in the past at the Magilla in Anston and I don’t believe they deserve a second opportunity.

Tim Wells

Nursery Crescent,

North Anston