Missing Sphynx cat

My Sphynx cat (Theo) went missing on Friday 14th June at lunchtime. He does go out but usually returns after 15 minutes.

He is neutered but not microchipped. He is two and a half years old and his distinguishing feature is that he has a furry tail.

Sphynx cats usually have bald tails. He also has stunning yellow amber eyes.

He doesn’t like cat litter and is on a specialist diet. He is never far from my side and I can only presume he has been picked up and taken away or is trapped and cannot get out.

Please could I ask that people check their outbuildings, sheds and garages. He doesn’t like the cold and will be pining for his family who love him very much.

Lincoln Cat Care has been kind to allow people to call there with news - but nothing as yet.

My telephone number 01427 677222. A reward is offered for his safe return.

Jacqueline Stewart