Market St best road in town!

Further to the letter in last week’s Guardian about the state of our roads (Geoff Evans) I would like to know why the best road in Worksop is Market Street.

I was amazed the other day when I walked from the library car park onto this street to see that it had been entirely resurfaced (not just patched). Beautiful smooth black tarmac for the full length and breadth with bright double yellow lines on both sides clearly marked. This is an extremely short dead end residential street used only by residents or guests and yet the main thoroughfares in Worksop are appalling. Main culprits are Victoria Square with all the arterial roads from there - Eastgate, Gateford Road and Carlton Road. Sandy Lane, Potter Street/Cheapside, Retford Road are equally bad and every ride through town is like a roller coaster at Tuby’s fair!

It is bad enough that minor road works are holding up traffic all over the town and yet the bigger picture is ignored. No doubt as always the highways department and the councils will quote shortage of funds but in the meantime the tax payers and motorists continue to pay their dues and see nothing from them - apart from the lucky residents on Market Street.

A different issue is the problem with roadworks around Kilton Road and High Hoe Road in connection with the new Morrisons being built. Whilst this is hopefully short term, the residents and regular users of these roads have been held up and inconvenienced for weeks with these roadworks, with no compensation and nothing to show that when the supermarket opens the huge anticipated increase in traffic will continue to be an inconvenience. Residents on Kilton Road and High Hoe Drive will have long delays waiting to get onto the main roads due to the extra traffic and it is doubtful whether the new road systems will make enough difference to keep the traffic moving. Unless you think that the benefits which Morrisons is promising will compensate, the holdups will cause nothing but frustration for residents and workers from B&Q, Greencore and Wilko who will be coming into Worksop along those roads when they travel to and from work.

D. Brightman

High Hoe Drive, Worksop