Letter is a bit over the top!

I was surprised that images of ‘fire and brimstone’ falling from the heavens, mountains sliding into the sea and whole cities being swallowed by the earth’ were omitted from P. Skelding’s apocalyptic warnings on the dangers of fracking.

Or was the letter simply yet another cynical swipe at John Mann MP ?

There is no credible scientific evidence corroborating the catastrophic predictions of evangelical environmentalists, predictions based upon ignorance and irrational prejudice.

The real debate is about energy security and affordability. The greatest potential tragedy of fracking is that the British public are unlikely to benefit from this national resource. The current government appears intent on using foreign-owned fracking companies to sell and export much of the recovered energy on the international market, for short-term private profit. We will not be enjoying the same significant reductions in domestic energy bills as those experienced by American households.

I am neither for or against fracking as yet. I am reminded of W. K. Clifford’s admonition - ‘It is wrong always, everywhere and for anyone to believe anything upon insufficient evidence.’ P. Skelding’s letter contributes nothing serious to the debate. It merely fuels the hysteria of the anti-fracking lobby.

Mr Malcolm Holland

Woodhall Green, Ords