Letter: How low can people get?

Christmas gifts for stock image
Christmas gifts for stock image

My volunteers and I work tirelessly to sort, price, clean and then display the goods that kind, generous people donate to us so that we can continue to raise money for vulnerable children in the UK.

Sadly not everyone who comes into our shop is honest. We have recently started to display our Christmas gifts which have all been donated and include jewellery, boxed perfumes/aftershaves, toiletries etc.

We have noticed that some of our goods are being stolen which is so sad. Does that really mean that someone will receive a stolen item from a charity shop as a Christmas gift? How low can some people go? Our donors do not give so that you may steal. It is theft of the lowest order and just a reminder to those who do steal from us, if caught you Will be prosecuted…no matter how small the object. Do we have to keep everything under lock and key? Please do not steal from us, we are trying to raise money to help vulnerable children and adults not line your pockets for your own greed.

Just think how your actions affect others.

Den Williams

Shop Manager, Barnardos