LETTER: Council Tax - Help for the struggling elderly

Carers feature. Holding hand.
Carers feature. Holding hand.

I believe that there should be automatic age adjustments for council tax in which persons who are over the age of 65 receive a council tax discount of 40 per cent, This would apply to couples the discrimination against the elderly in this country is disgusting. I believe firmly that we should put a stop to it.

Pensioner poverty exists because the politicians permit it to exist, that is why I am providing permanent solutions to the problems that have been imposed without restraint by the politicians on the elderly in this country.

The Older Persons Tax Allowance was abolished by the Conservatives and I believe that its abolition has increased the tax burden on those older workers who have decided to continue working and who have already paid a lifetime’s equivalent of tax during their ordinary working life.

If we ended spending on foreign aid we could reduce the cost of living for the pensioners that live in our country and who have been ignored for far too long who live alone or feel marginalised in society I believe its time they were heard.

Time to act.

Oliver Healey

By email