LETTER: Confused over Government’s actions on climate change

Power Station
Power Station

I’m confused. During December last year, a climate change conference was held in Paris. All the world’s major governments, including the UK Government with David Cameron at its helm, appeared to commit themselves to drastic and positive action aimed at cutting carbon dioxide emissions, and thereby helping to reduce, or at least stabilize, the extremely damaging rise in the earth’s temperature. But then... David Cameron returned to the UK and cut the subsidies for renewable, clean energy by 65 per cent, thus effectively strangling their development and greater use.

He has also announced that his Government would be allowing, even encouraging fracking in the national parks and numerous other areas of the country, thus causing us to burn even more carbon dioxide producing fuel.

I’m confused. Is this Conservative Government trying to limit and control the damaging rise in our planet’s temperature, or is it trying to actively drive it up?

I wonder if we’ll get any Government clarification on that question? Not least because we’re surrounded by the nation’s first national park.

Dave Johnson