LETTER: Appallingly short notice of removal of recycling sites

STOCK: Recycling.
STOCK: Recycling.

I have had forwarded to me by our parish council chairman an email from HPBC regarding the impending removal of recycling sites from around the borough.

I have to say I feel extremely strongly about this, and I consider it warrants as much publicity as possible.

Local authorities are duty bound to increase their recycling rates, and the public are always being lectured on how to help.

It seems astonishing that HPBC could possibly claim that their recycling amounts have declined, but if this is so, then their own policy of urging increased recycling for residents has sadly failed.

In the email from the borough council, they mention that cartons will not be recycled by their contractor, and that these items can be taken to sites in Buxton or Glossop. How on earth do they expect people to get them there? Will anyone bother?

Will they be prepared to give out extra brown bins if one has too much recycling for one? More importantly, will the bin men even take more than one bin from a property?

I take issue as well with the appallingly short notice given. The deadline is only just over two weeks hence.

We were told at a parish council meeting some time ago by Tony Ashton that this withdrawal was likely, but he gave us to understand that this would be some time in the future, not within a month. Why has there been no consultation?

The recycling area at Hayfield bus station has been overflowing over the Christmas period.

Although it was cleared between Christmas and New Year, it is again overflowing, and is constantly well-used. What evidence is there, therefore, for the borough council to claim that these (and elsewhere) facilities are under-used?

How much money are they proposing will be saved by not having to service recycling centres?

Finally, I see that new rules are to be brought in to ‘clear up the country’ for the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations. The borough council warns of the possibility of increased fly tipping, but they will only have themselves to blame.

Tony Ashton promised personally in public at a parish council meeting to have removed some fly tipping on Highgate Road; months later it was still there, with the borough council refusing to accept responsibility.

I have written to our MP, Andrew Bingham and all those parish councils to whom the borough council has written, because I think this is an appallingly retrograde step being taken by the borough council which will be publicly castigated, but only if the public are aware, and the combination of the holiday period, plus the short notice, seem to imply that the borough council are trying to sneak this in by the back door.

Susan E. Wyatt

By email