Lea Road Station is worse!

We sympathise with Brian Hopkinson’s remarks that Gainsborough Central Station is like being in war-torn Beirut (Rail 724).

Central station stands next to Marshall’s Yard shopping centre. Shoppers regularly come from Grimsby, Doncaster, Newark and Lincoln but only by car as rail services are slow and in the case of Central Station limited to three trains on Saturdays only.

Gainsborough is designated by the government as a Growth Point Town set to double in population over the next 20 years yet the Lincolnshire County Council’s recently published 10 year transport plan is silent on the railways serving the town.

GRaB, Gainsborough’s rail and bus users group set up a year ago, has and continues, to lobby for better rail services and for improvements to station facilities.

If Mr Hopkinson thinks Central Station is bad he needs to use Lea Road Station one wet or frosty evening. It is dilapidated and dangerous with live lamp fittings in easy reach of children and trip hazards abounding in the unlit areas. GRaB has recently formed a team of volunteers to clean signs (the few that there are), unblock drains and clear away shrubbery in the forecourt area, but the remaining problems of this eyesore,that is the principal gateway to the town for rail travellers, is beyond the competence of volunteers. View our video of Lea Road Station at http://youtu.be/sD4mG2hdOyg

Although Gainsborough survived the Beeching era with its lines intact journey times on Northern’s mainly Pacer operated trains have not improved since the days of steam.

The recent extension of Northern’s franchise is disappointing to us as we shall have to wait until 2017 before any hope of an improved rail service to our town as Northern tells us that they cannot make any improvements under their existing franchise.

Barry Coward


GraB (Gainsborough Rail and Bus Users Group)