Just be honest!

Am I mistaken in thinking that the councillors who represent the interests of the people of Gainsborough are completely failing in their duty.

What is so secret? My guess is that despite objections and legal restrictions they have already given approval to the project. If it is not so, then please say so.

Firstly I have no objections to another hotel in Gainsborough, but when West Lindsey moved from the old Guildhall we were told the building was earmarked as a boutique hotel. Now we are told Premier Inn will be on the riverside, using land that had been expressly left via covenant to the people of Gainsborough. Moreover instead of transparency and openness about the project we are met with silence and obfuscation.

I, and I daresay the people of Gainsborough would like honesty and clarity from any of our elected representatives.

Michelle Powell-Marsh

Cox’s Hill, Gainsborough