It wasn’t me it was Ofsted!

It was nice to read the letter from Sarah Roberts a student at TVA and how good Experience she had at TVA.

In response to the letters can I please point out to your readers some of the mistakes, as a town councillor I am NOT PAID as a councillor and it cost me money and time to do the job as its the same for the rest of the town councillors, only the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor has an allowance as we do all of this as we believe in Gainsborough.

It was Ofsted who said that the school was inadequate not me, they are the body who looks after the further of out children in schools and its they who found something wrong at TVA not me, I am glad that the staff at TVA are putting things right like putting in place two new heads and giving up their free time too.

Why was things not done before Ofsted come to TVA? Why has so many staff left TVA this year?

Are teachers giving up their six week’s holiday to put things right for September?

I did ask TVA the following before Christmas as parents with children with special needs at TVA were asking for help:-

(My request is for information concerning year 7 pupils at Trent Valley Academy between September and December 2012.)

1. How many pupils are on the special needs register in each class broken down into school action, school action plus and pupils with a statement.

2. How many pupils from each class have left the school during this period broken down into permanent exclusions, managed moves, parent decisions to home educate and parent decisions to move their child to another school.

3. How many of those in question 2 are also on the SEN register).

But never had a reply!

Parents of children attending TVA have every right to consult/express their feelings to anyone, even a town councillor, if they have concerns over the wellbeing/education of their children. Schools are here to educate our children but when there are problems parents needs support, should this be through a local support group or a member of the town council, they need assurance and there are many groups thought out Gainsborough to help.

I did ask the town council if it could be put on the agenda if we could help out TVA after reading the Ofsted report and it was put on, but on only myself and one other turned up to the meeting as we need three councils the meeting was closed, 30 minutes later the Mayor did turn up but it was too late to hold the meeting!

I was not elected to the town council I was appointed by the Lib Dems group on the town council to fill a vacancy on the town council, I have always tried to do my best to look after the views of the people of Gainsborough. If your readers feel I have stepped out of line why not write to the town council and make a complaint and I will ask for a it to be put on the next Full Council meeting.

Councillor Robin Perry

Gainsborough Town Council