Is this throw away age dead?

The rising cost of energy increases pressure for fracking and massive wind turbines. If we use less, we can help reduce damage to the environment and to our pockets.

Surely, the throw-away society has got to be on its way out, as we reduce packaging and plastic bags, reuse through the second-hand shops, recycle and regain the energy, in that order

Thus I was surprised to see the results of the Local Government Association survey, which highlighted that more than half of the people asked said they did throw away things that could be reused. Bearing in mind how hard we fought to keep our local recycling centres open, I think the survey in my area would give a very different result!

The one big area of concern for me, is litter from urban takeaways, cast from car windows into our rural countryside as they whiz through. Urban dwellers may not realise that there is no road verge- sweeper. The cost of litter collection by hand from over 8000km of road in Lincolnshire is prohibitive. Litter left on the verge stays there for many years, becoming an eyesore and a hazard to wildlife. Public spirited volunteers do pick up as much as they can, and the council responds to particular requests, but how much simpler and more effective, if people took their rubbish home for recycling?

Cllr Marianne Overton

(via email)