Growth and Infrastructure Act

I have read your comments in the Guardian newspaper and agree Royal Mail should not be sold off. Are you aware of the following points about postal personnel’s free share deal.

Have you had a look at the following piece of legislation enacted in April 2013 namely the Growth and Infrastructure Act 2013. In particular the instruments entitled Employee Share Owners?

Briefly, if an employer offers employees shares in the company and the employee accepts them then the employee will surrender their rights at work in the following:

Rights to training and education.

Rights to flexible working.

Rights to unfair dismissal* and

Rights to redundancy payments. (* Unless the unfair dismissal contravenes the Equality Act!)

Vincent Cable, in his parliamentary announcement had ample opportunity to inform the House of Commons that should Royal Mail employees accept the 10% share issue and it amounts to a minimum of £2,000 then this Act would apply. Vincent Cable’s department was instrumental in enacting the Growth and Infrastructure Act, therefore his omission on advising The House of this is tantamount to misleading The House.

As a current working Postman, I find this disgusting and defeatfull and underhanded of Mr Vincent Cable MP, I wondered if he has miss led the house with not mentioning this fact?

I would like to hear what you think about this?


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