Give fans what they deserve

In reply to Maurice Hinch’s comment (11th April), another dinosaur who does not want this football club (Trinity) to go forward.

In my opinion, Mr Peter Swan (chairman) has done an excellent job since 2008, where would Gainsborough Trinity be if Mr P. Swan and his family had not bailed GTFC out of the financial debt it was in at the time. I can tell you - two leagues below where they are playing now with gates of 100-150 spectators. Mr Swan has put them on the football map. One play off, BSN final, one semi-final FA Trophy. What more does Mr M. J. Hinch want? Yes, Steve Housham manager has a right to say what he thinks about the Blues Club. It is a democratic country is it not that we live in? Steve Housham and his players do their job to the best of their ability week in and week out throughout the season. But when certain members of the Blues Club committee who are holding this great football club moving forward, these people know who they are, shame on you all. The Blues Club is not a supporters club and never has been. Since Mr P. Swan took over the club, what has the supporters given the football club? Nothing! All the Blues Club wants is to take, take and not give anything in return. Blues Club is a social club and always will be until it is run correctly and democratically by people who care about the football club, because at this moment in time they have not. Also if Mr Swan walks away from the football club, which in my opinion I hope he does, those people who will not let him take this historic football club to another level should hang their heads in shame.

The Blues Club was built in 1967-68 for GTFC supporters and members to raise money for the football club, which they have in the past, but not in the time Mr Peter Swan has been chairman.

On my final comment, I wish Mr Peter Swan and his family all the best in the future, at least Mr Swan you can hold your head high and say I did my best for GTFC and true supporters. The name Gainsborough Trinity Supporter’s Club (Blues Club) should be taken down and be replaced with Social Club Darts and Dominoes members only!

Neil Footitt

Torr Street, Gainsborough