Getting on or getting off?

Is the Lincoln- bound bus stop on Beaumont Street on the Marshall’s Yard side of the road opposite the Salvation Army an ‘Enlighting Only’ stop?

The bus stop flag states the words ‘Bus Stop’ and it has nothing stating ‘Alighting Only’.

As that bus stop is the penultimate stop before the bus station, it is not the terminus at the bus station for the number 100 bus service from Scunthorpe to Lincoln via Gainsborough bus station.

When I used the Beaumont Street bus stop on my few miles long journey on the number 100 bus on Tuesday 30th July, I was told by the bus driver to get on at the bus station! I find it hard to identify this male driver, but I’ve used that bus stop a thousand times and this is the first time I have been told off by a bus driver.

I always thought that people were authorised to get on to the number 100 bus at that particular stop, if not they should change the flag for one stating ‘Alighting Only’!

From now on I will have to go to the bus station to catch my bus and think this sort of rule is daft!

Annoyed bus user