GAINSBOROUGH: How times have changed

For those of us who were about during the sixties, we may have wondered what life would be like today, some 50 years on.
Today, we find our way of life is so much different and 50 years ago, we would not have believed there would be so many changes.
Back then, we weren’t in the common market, now the EU, so we didn’t have the EU ruling our lives. We didn’t have the PC brigade telling us what words we can and cannot use just incase it offends immigrants. We hardly had a lack of justice in our law system as we do now. Crime rate was much lower in those days.
The powers-that-be have altered a number of things that ought to have been left alone, just to suit their own self-serving wishes. Many of our traditions have been ditched, even though it wasn’t inevitable. We only like changes when they are for the better, but as time moves on, the powers-that-be persist in deciding what to alter next, against our own wishes, and it’s all cut and dry when they go ahead with these alterations.
This country has got to change for cultures’ sake and it’s making some of us wish we could live in the sixties again.

Dick Appleyard

Lingfield Close, Saxilby