Election will take place

I was a little surprised by your comment last week that “Beckingham Parish Council was in Turmoil” after a group of co-opted members had resigned. From the outside it appears to be in robust health. All that is happening is that a small group of ‘councillors’ did not like their actions being questioned and resigned.

Notices have been put out and at least eight people from the Parish have put their names forward for the five seats (despite the general impression created in the past that “ people were not interested in standing for the council) an election will be held on 20th June to fill those seats. It is called ‘Democracy’. ‘Get over it!’

As for the ‘Bullying’. I understand Councillor Sanger was, for many years, a primary school teacher. When it comes to a judgement on what is and what is not bullying, my money is on Councillor Sanger.

Derek Weir

Low St, Beckingham