Economical with the truth

It was very interesting to read the letter’s page in last week’s paper in connection with TVA and me.

It appears that Eileen Proulx is economical with the truth, which is of course assuming that she knows what is the truth?

Is Eileen Proulx also the same Eileen Proulx who is the mother to Mr Hatfield Assistant Principle at TVA? Who is a very good friend to my ex?

Parents of children attending TVA have every right to consent/express their feelings to anyone, even a town councillor, if they have concerns over the wellbeing/education of their children.

Those parents are justified in expressing their concerns especially when you read the damming Ofsted report, has Eileen Proulx bothered to read the report? Or is she simply going on hear say? Is she also aware that a large number of teachers have or are due to leave TVA this year, which is not down to their retirement?

Eileen Proulx refers to my ex-wife, a teacher at TVA, I assume that Eileen Proulx is aware that my ex-wife is ignoring and breaking a legal judgement set down by a judge in relation to the returning of my personal items, I can not comment more as I still have an ongoing case against my ex.

The town’s mayor, Councillor Leslie Rawlings has informed me not to talk to the paper. I wonder if this is anything to do with the fact that Leslie Rawlings is also a teacher at TVA and I assume is ‘friendly’ with my ex-wife. Perhaps Mrs Rawlings is unaware that there is freedom of speech in this country! Or would she prefer a dictatorship?

With reference to S. Holmes’ letter is this person related to a D. Holmes, chair of governors at QEHS who I wrote to about a complain I have made against the school but he has yet to reply to me?

Schools are here to educate our children, but when there are problems parents need support, should this be through a local support group or a member of the town council, they need assurance and there are many groups throughout Gainsborough to help.

If as a parent of a child who attends TVA, you feel that the town council can help in any way, please feel free to contact us at the council to let us know your feelings and how we can help.

I will continue to ask questions and deal with their problems/concerns to the best of my ability. If you feel that you are not receiving the support from the councillor you elected, then please contact me as I may be able to assist helping you.

Cllr Robin Perry

Gainsborough Town