Easier to fly-tip rubbish

Dear Captain,

Looking on the positive side to the proposed £6 million footbridge over the River Trent, it will give easier access to an unofficial rubbish tip.

Every day more waste tree cuttings are being dumped in this field on the Nottinghamshire side of the bank along with used tyres and household rubbish.

So, readers, next time someone offers to cut your conifers ask them where the waste cuttings are going.

Gainsborough resident

Now this is one problem I had not anticipated. What if people start lobbing rubbish over the side and into the Trent?

When fishing I often recover rubbish that’s been cast aside by lazy, messy, good-for-nothing landlubbers.

The last thing I need is this stuff being thrown at my boat from above.

Still at least there’s a silver lining - this bridge ain’t ever going to get built!