Disgusted at personal attack

I am absolutely speechless at Councillor Perry’s personal attack on another resident, who merely pointed out that as a public figure, he should be supporting our academy, his response was to launch a vicious attack on a lady who only pointed out that he is paid to support the town.

Our Mayor quite rightly in my opinion told Councillor Perry to keep his mouth shut, albeit, in a much more dignified and proper way, and what does our elected councillor do? He has the audacity to attack our Mayor. How dare he, or is he running our town council now?

By what authority did he take it upon himself to become a one man vigilante.

His response to a resident’s concerns about his lack of support for our schools and its teachers was to attack the resident, talk about shooting the messenger, and even worse, he was extremely nasty and personal and certainly not befitting an elected public servant.

I am ashamed for him, and anyone who associates with him.

Perhaps if he has so little respect for our local teachers, our schools, even our Mayor he should move somewhere else and let us have a councillor who is proud to encourage and support our efforts to make this one of the best towns in the area. Not one teacher or others named in his article sank to his level, they just ignored him and left him looking like the stupid ranting individual he is.

We have a wonderful town council, and they have pushed forward to make this a better town for all of us, how sad that one embittered individual who is an elected public official is acting in such a churlish and vindictive way.

A disgusted, angry and upset