Demands of modern society

With reference to the article in the Gainsborough Standard on 9th May about lorries on the road, I think you need to research the demands of modern society before you go to print.

I myself am a lorry driver with the demands of modern society. These vehicles and those who drive them supply more to the economic growth today than you will ever imagine. We are able to transport larger and fresher goods within hours from one part of the country to another. This allows for the economic growth of especially this small Riverside Community to thrive leading to advantages for work, community investment and raising its portfolio which unfortunately week after week despite the town’s efforts, YOU continue to destroy whilst continuing to criticize the work of those who can see the town’s potential.

If we look back at this nation’s heritage, we will see that rivers and railways were used to transport goods but this took far too long and in today’s society would halt progress (especially with your boat constantly blocking the river, can’t you live in a house, there are plenty being built in our thriving town!)

How many paving slabs, fence panels, kitchens, bathroom suites etc, items of everyday household essentials would you be able to fit on your boat? Not many I bet.

All I, and I bet many others ask for is more positives and less negatives!

A Lorry Driver

(via email)