Cut their allowances

At last I’m alive and well and raring to go, but not on my bike yet, but still able to read and write.

After reading the Worksop Guardian’s report regarding the government cuts to local services plus councillor Alan Rhodes’ suggestion on page 27 (6th Dec), I totally agree, but am not going to dwell on what I proposed years ago. I’m sure many Notts County Councillors past and present will remember, including this newspaper regarding my request asking the councillors to cut back their community allowances which was then £10,000 each. But I was cried down and at that time there were cut backs with the police force and council workers in Nottinghamshire.

So once again I am asking for the same cut Alan, but not just the Notts County Councillors but also to the MPs, Lords and Ladies’ allowances. I am sure any one of them can well afford a cut, not like many of the young families who are already struggling with the economy. Many out of work, let alone wanting them to pay and extra £63 a year (outed by the Worksop Guardian - 6th December).

I’m holding my hat on for the reply from any one, but I expect if I get a reply from a councillor or MP it will be to state “We work hard for our allowances!”

When I wrote this letter, I didn’t know that the MPs were to get a rise in their salaries!

Geoff Coe

Bracebridge, Worksop