Councillor should be ashamed!

What a shameful exhibitionist Councillor Perry has turned out to be.

I wrote complaining that he was an inadequate councillor, I revise that statement, he is a disgrace to the good councillors of our town, who work tirelessly to make it a better place for all of us.

Instead of eating humble pie, and promising to support our schools and teachers, he has the cheek to attack a local lady whose only crime was to point out that he should be supporting the town not denigrating it and to add insult to injury, by his own admission, he was told not to talk to the paper…… and then goes on to make veiled insulting comments about another councillor.

What an arrogant person he is,

I for one, will never vote him into office again!

His ego is much larger than the job we elected him into.

Robert McDonald

Wintern Court, Gainsborough