Coun Cutts’ views

Whether it be a Conservative, Labour or Liberal politician’s views about the economy before the next election the following are the facts:-

Politicians should worry more about the bankers who steal billions than those who beg on the streets.

The Labour Government devoted £1.3 trillion to rescuing the private finance bodies that were supposedly too big to fail.

Governments of all persuasion kow-tow to the tiny but affluent private banking community, lifting regulatory controls as demanded, assisting aggressive profits accumulation, lowering tax liabilities and when all goes pear-shaped using workers’ taxes to bail them out.

Despite the financial belly flop in 2008 and scandals related to deceitful, dishonest, greedy, immoral behaviour, private bankers are still the politicians go-to people.

Stop attacking the key services for vulnerable adults, families and children in local communities.

Take your fingers out of your ears and listen to the ordinary people 90% not the elite 10%.

Victor Meldrew

(via email)