Car lights’ saga

I read the article on bikes and road safety, but what about all the cars driving around with one head light on!

It too is very dangerous as when a car like this is behind you it can look like a motor bike or strong light on a cycle. When also in the dark coming towards you, one isn’t sure what it is. The other day whilst travelling home from Sheffield, I counted 11 cars with one head light on. I thought this was a criminal offence? What has happened to all these lights all of a sudden anyway. At one time it was occasionally one came across one. It seems all or nothing now, four lights blurring towards you and you are blinded or just the one. This is dangerous, shouldn’t something be done about it, like a few tickets handed out, it would be another way for the police to get extra money or a help to filling in the pot holes that are still around.

Just going out to buy a pair of dark glasses for my next trip out at night!

Sue Wood

(via email)