Build road bridge first

I WRITE to you as at this moment there is a lot of talk and views regarding a new bridge over the Trent at Gainsborough, and there is more talk about a footbridge rather than one for traffic.

Well, I would like to think that with the build-up of traffic over the last 10 years more importance should be put to the building of a new traffic bridge even if it was to be built with private money and even if it is to be a toll bridge.

My view is that it should be built or placed at minimum cost where other than compulsory purchase of land no houses would be in its path, starting at Saundby or West Burton roundabout across fields to the Lincoln side of Lea.

It could be put on stilts so the farmers don’t lose the land and would glide over the Trent. It does not have to be a dual carriageway, just a two-way road to relieve the traffic at Trent Bridge.

It would be a great second bridge if Trent Bridge or its road had to be closed for repairs or accidents.

This is the straightest, shortest route and it is not much of a run up to Lea for anyone coming out of Gainsborough to go to Retford, Bawtry or wherever or if coming in the opposite direction if Trent Bridge was closed.

Regarding a nice footbridge to Beckingham marshes, good idea but not until the new traffic bridge is built first.

It’s been my view for the last 10 years we should place a second bridge where I have described but not once have I heard anyone talk of placing it on this route.