Britain must stay in Europe

Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, was right on Tuesday when he announced his support for Britain staying in Europe.

Over three million British jobs are linked to trade within Europe and this applies to jobs in Gainsborough where many of the engineering companies in the town export their products to Europe.

British business receives billions of pounds in investment and loans that help grow the economy which would not happen if we became just a small collection of islands in the sea.

Our membership of the European Union allows us to negotiate trade deals with the biggest economies in the world like the USA and China.

Since joining Europe nearly 40 years ago no British Government has really played its full part in shaping the way Europe is run. In my view only the Liberal Democrats work effectively for Britain within the European Union as shown by the proactive participation of its MEPs like Lincolnshire’s Bill Newton Dunn.

As an American I am all to aware of the consequences of isolationism as represented by the Republicans and their Tea Party wing which have brought their government to a halt. I would hate Britain to follow a similar path.

Joseph Sponseller

(via email)