Brass band was so different

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed the EYMS brass band concert which was held on Saturday 2nd March at the Trinity Art Centre.

We expected it to be ‘brassband’ as we knew it, but this was something different. The highly skilled soloists and such a variety of music to please everyone is to be recommended.

The conductor, Mr Alan Morrison made it even more entertaining as he introduced each piece and where the pieces were written and then the soloist’s background.

It was a magnificent sight to look down on such a large band, how they all found room on the stage was truly amazing. We have never seen such highly polished instruments and fantastic playing of them. The programme showed competitions that they had won and they certainly deserved them.

During the interval the whole stage changed and the variety of music played was ‘Wow’!

We are looking forward to their visit in the future. Further information can be obtained if you email them on or telephone 07971 009830.


Tooley Street