Better grades at Trent Valley

I am really disappointed with what has been said about Trent Valley Academy due to the Ofsted report.

I myself as a current student at Trent Valley Academy, who has just gone into year 11, find this down putting for the students, teachers, parents and even the surrounding community. As many of us have no other choice but to go to Trent Valley Academy, with out paying bus fees to get to a different school.

In fact I actually was attending Lincoln Castle Academy for Year 9 and two weeks into Year 10. I enjoy Trent Valley Academy more than the Lincoln school. As I received more help and encouragement with lessons. I left Lincoln Castle Academy with D’s and E’s, even though I was working to my best. I was even in top set English, Maths and Science! When I got back to Trent Valley, I again tried even harder as I was disappointed in myself, knowing I would not have a good future with the grades I was predicted in my previous school. Now at Trent Valley, with a lot of help and support and the teachers excellent attitude to lessons. I am being predicted C’s and B’s. Grades I never thought I would achieve ever! In some lessons I am even working above targets which have been set. I believe that this honestly wouldn’t have been possible, without the dedicated teachers I currently have helping me achieve the grades I have always dreamed of.

Sarah Roberts

A current student

at Trent Valley Academy