Are you a Sunday driver?

I felt that I had to reply to the article that you printed in the Standard with regards to “Better off without lorry drivers”.

Can I first say that if the sender hasn’t got the bottle to have his/her name printed then why bother writing in? Does he/she live on another planet?

I work for a local company driving an articulated lorry and I can assure you that neither myself or any other drivers that I know have the sole purpose to make the lives of all other motorists an absolute misery. And we are not yahoos as your reader writes.

I am guessing that this writer is on of these Sunday afternoon drivers who tootles around everywhere at 30mph causing havoc to all road users. Can I also say that he/she would be the first to complain if there were no goods in the shops to purchase as how does he/she think it gets to shops?

I have a forward facing camera fitted in my lorry and I can assure you that 98% of incidents recorded are caused by car drivers.

So on a final note could I advise your reader to sell his/her car and take the bus or walk!

I have no objections to my name being printed to this article.

K. Moran