Another smoke screen!

The public was asked to comment on the Notts CC Fair Deal Campaign. What do we get - Councillor Cutts again putting up a smokescreen in the letter page, giving the readers a load of figures for other S
hire councils.

Let’s look at these in detail. Because what she fails to explain is the loss per household, so let’s show her.

Lincolnshire £41.02, Leicesteshire £52.53, Staffordshire£55.37, Northampton £57.33, Derbyshire £66.56 , Warwickshire £71.60 and last but not least Nottinghamshire £75.95. These figures are official figures put out by the Department for Communities and Local Government listing all shire and local councils.

So when Councillor Cutts says they are complaining about the funding to cover possible closures because they always do the figures, tell the true story not a smokescreen which she has put up. Mind you she has been rewarded. As a rate payer I expect the full facts not just what they want us to think. I went through all the figures and it opens your eyes to the winners and losers and the north south divide. Nottinghamshire is not alone there are others but my concern is my council. She talks of the Labour Government, the last Labour Council talking about progressive councils in other words privatisation of council services no more no less. Remember Notts Care Homes? I do. So why were they voted out of office if everything was okay? People are not idiots they see what is happening and the sooner she realises this instead of playing the blame game every time, they may start to believe her.

Also what has alarmed me is that within the cuts it includes care which more is being put on councils by central government, so eventually something will have to give as they are expected to take pressure off the NHS with the elderly with care in the community. When will it end because central government has promised more of the same if elected?

Derek Bowskill