Aggro over council benches

Dear Captain, HELP!

Went to West Lindsey to ask why there is no bench or benches by the taxi rank outside Nat West Bank.

They put me through to Lincoln Highways that took some time to catch up with who supervised the building of the pavements etc in Market Street and the half of Church Street. A lady who overseas the work advised “No bench etc to be replaced after the works were done!” She advised me to ask West Lindsey.

A gentleman there told me the bench was taken by the town council! Or perhaps given? I was then given the number of the town council to ring when I got home.

I can’t believe that there’s so much aggro between West Lindsey District Council ad the town council.

It doesn’t help after the report that we are all supposed to fill in answers to questions about the Riverside and the Premier Inn etc.

B. Green

Tooley Street,