Accusations are unfair

Your requests for a response to the comments made by Councillor Sanger are as follows;

‘Each Parish Council agrees both Standing Orders and Financial Regulations which governs how a Council operates. These are revised annually at a convened meeting of The Council. An agreement is reached by a vote of all members in attendance. The democratic system works well, as it should do, providing everyone concerned accept the decisions reached. Unfortunately some do not and if they have failed to attend the meeting when discussion took place, continual vexatious comments thereafter do not achieve a desired route to further benefits for the community they serve.

The Council has had to endure person or persons, writing to newspapers or the sending of anonymous mail which is beyond most decent people, and those who engage in such activities should ask themselves, why or what they hope to achieve, this is certainly not the democratic way.

Any member of this council or resident of the community, has never been refused any request to view any documents held, the accusations of being ‘bullied and put down’, are beyond belief and grossly unfair.

The description used ‘but they were an arrogant group’ describes successful volunteers who have worked enthusiastically and tirelessly to secure over one million pound of benefits within this parish over recent years. Very little has been achieved over the past months due to the continual bickering and unrest which led to the resignations, it is worthy to note that one member who has resigned continues with commitment to secure further grant aid for speed awareness signs within the parish.’

Colin Gibson


Kevin Senior