Young tenant angry at Acis for ‘disgusting’ property

Tiffany Jenkins at her Gainsborough home were ouncillors have described the state of the property as unliveable
Tiffany Jenkins at her Gainsborough home were ouncillors have described the state of the property as unliveable

An upset young tenant of an Acis property in Gainsborough has spoken out about the ‘disgusting and unliveable’ state of her new home and demanded a rent reduction.

Tiffany Jenkins is 21-years-old and works part-time at B and Q in Gainsborough. She moved into her Acis property on Aisby Walk and to her horror, found mould, broken windows and the flat in an ‘awful state’.

“When I first viewed it, all of the shutters were up and it looked the best of the three I’d seen,” she said.

“But when I got the keys and went in I found broken windows, rubbish everywhere, the boiler wasn’t working and there were exposed wires all over the place.”

“The list goes on - it was horrible. If I was a landlord I wouldn’t expect anyone to live in it, and even the people who came for the repairs said that it shouldn’t have been let in that state.”

So bad was the state of the property, that Tiffany says she couldn’t live there for weeks and is angry that Acis are still charging her rent for the full period.

“You’d think that someone who owns as many properties as Acis might look after them a little bit better,” she said.

Tiffany was helped by Coun Mark Binns who had a look around the property and took her complaint to Acis.

“The flat should not have been let out in that condition,” said Coun Binns.

“It took them so much time to put it right and I can’t believe they’re charging her rent when she couldn’t possibly be expected to live there. I’m shocked and amazed that they let it out in that state. It seems to me that Acis are just in it for the money and not the care of their tenants.”

An Acis Housing spokesman responded: “We aim ensure all our homes meet our set standard before a new tenant is handed the keys. As such, we take any reports to the contrary seriously and should any further repairs be necessary, our intention is always to complete these in a timely manner.”

“With regard to the property on Aisby Walk, an accompanied viewing was undertaken with Miss Jenkins prior to her signing for the tenancy. Upon moving in, Miss Jenkins reported some minor repairs. These were completed within our set four week timescale and we also carried out a re-inspection. None of these prevented the property from being occupied.”

He added: “Some repair work had become apparent when wallpaper had been stripped and vouchers totalling £100 have been supplied to Miss Jenkins to assist towards the cost of decorating.”

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