You know where I am

ANOTHER football season is just around the corner, and Brian Little will surely sink or swim after two disappointing seasons at Trinity.

For some reason, in his wisdom, he hasn’t asked for my advice ahead of Gainsborough’s first game against Brigg Town.

If I were in charge, I’d have had his lads pulling my boat along the river, running along the banks with a rope around their waist.

Any slackers would be keel hauled.

That’s pre-season training sorted.

As for tactics, left and right wing would be renamed port and starboard. A big tough brute would be signed to play an anchor role.

And we’d soon be sailing up the league table.

Let’s be honest, the Blues have barely kept their heads above water the past few years, and I think what they need is a strong Captain.

Chairman Peter Swann, you know where I am.