Worksop welcomes King Edward VII

Crowds lined the streets of Worksop to welcome King Edward VII in December, 1905.
Crowds lined the streets of Worksop to welcome King Edward VII in December, 1905.

This week’s Archive Corner picture shows crowds lining the street to welcome King Edward VII when he visited Worksop on Friday 15th December 1905.

The King and Queen and Princess Victoria arrived on the Wednesday night on the Royal Train and were met by the Duke of Portland and various other Worksop Council members at the Worksop Railway Station and were driven to Welbeck Abbey and straight to bed as it was close to midnight.

The first day began with an early start for the Duke of Portland’s guests. In the morning Princess Victoria, attended by an Equerry, went for a ride in the morning and the Queen spent the morning hours with th e Duchess.

The King was engaged in dealing with correspondence.

Other members of the party went out in the covers or on the golf links.

Then in the afternoon the King, Queen and their Graces went for a motor trip through the Dukeries journeying by way of the New Drive to Clumber. Unfortunately the Duke and Duchess of Newcastle were away so their Majesties did not enter Clumber House and the King remained in the motor car while the Queen and the other ladies inspected the noble church.

The journey was continued through the magnificent parks of Clumber and Thoresby, through the famous oaks of the Birklands to Edwinstowe and Clipstone and then the return journey was made by the Long Drive through the hoary old oaks of Blyth, past the Russian Log house and on to Welbeck.

The weather was described as ‘delightfully fine with just a tinge of frost in the air to make the journey a pleasant one.”

Their Majesties left on Saturday from Worksop Station where the Royal Train took them back to London.