Worksop: Vesuvius ward councillor says new development will benefit the whole of Bassetlaw

Coun David Pressley wants everyone to benefit from Vesuvius
Coun David Pressley wants everyone to benefit from Vesuvius

The new Vesuvius development in Worksop will be for everyone in Bassetlaw and not just the people of the area immediate surrounding it, according to one of the Bassetlaw Council members who serves the area.

Coun David Pressley is a member for the Worksop North West ward, where the new development will be sited, and was as delighted as anyone when Secretary of State for Local Government Eric Pickles MP finally gave Vesuvius the green light last week.

But he stressed that far from relaxing, the onus was now on everyone to move the project forward quickly and starting creating the new jobs it will bring to the area.

“It’s taken a long time, far too long really, but the minister came to the right decision, there is no doubt about that,” said Coun Pressley.

“We are delighted that the development is finally going ahead but want to see the benefits of it come quickly to the area.”

“In particular, we want to see the employment issues addressed and that means we need the development to quickly move forward.”

“This project will not just be for the benefit of Worksop North West, although it will have a positive impact our ward.”

“It is for the whole of Bassetlaw and we want to ensure that everyone sees the good results of this.”