Worksop: Town book shop to close just five months after opening

Bargain Book Time on Bridge Street in Worksop is set to close.
Bargain Book Time on Bridge Street in Worksop is set to close.

A discounted book store in Worksop is to close despite only opening five months ago.

Bargain Book Time, on Bridge Street, opened for business on 28th June but it is set to shut down.

The family-based Cumbria company which has branches across the country claims to offer ‘great deals at low prices’.

But recently signs were put up in the front window telling shoppers that ‘all stock must go’.

“We are closing due to a lack of custom,” a staff member said.

When Bargain Book Time first opened, store manager, Jessica Simpson, said that she thought the town would ‘have a proper bookshop for the foreseeable future’.

The Guardian understands the store was operating on a three-month lease and its long-term future was dependant on how successful it was,

As this stage it is unclear as to whether the store will remain open during the Christmas period.

“We couldn’t get a better spot if we tried with us just next to the market,“ Jessica told the Guardian in June.

“A book shop seems to be the only thing that is missing in Worksop and the locals just keep saying ‘finally Worksop has a proper bookshop.’”

“It is like a trial period but Christmas is usually a great time for the store and after how well we have started.”

The announcement will come as no surprise to some, as book retailers try and stem the flow of people choosing to shop online.

Heidi Burrett posted on the Guardian Facebook page: “Really! It seemed good. I don’t go into town often as not enough decent shops for me. I did go straight in last week when I saw it and did spend a fair amount in there.”

David Holmes said: “I was glad when they moved to town, however the stock doesn’t seem to change much.”

The closure of the premises is likely to be a blow to Worksop as local businesses attempt to attract more shoppers to visit the area.

It appears as though the town is going through a transitional period as shops continue to open and close heading into the new year.

Sam Hemmings added: “I love books so I’m sad to see it go. Couldn’t believe it when I saw the sign.”

The Guardian contacted the head office of the book store earlier this week but they did not wish to make a comment.