Worksop: Sexy superstore stocks up on handcuffs and whips to meet Fifty Shades demand

Worksop store stocks up on sex gear to meet Fifty Shades demand
Worksop store stocks up on sex gear to meet Fifty Shades demand

Worksop’s sexy superstore Pulse & Cocktails has had to order in extra handcuffs to meet the high demands from customers.

Pulse & Cocktails, on Claylands Avenue, sexy superstore chain has seen a huge surge in sales of sex toys and bondage in the run up to Valentine’s Day, higher than usual due to the launch of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

The film has sparked an interest from thousands of women wanting their Fifty Shades fantasy turning into reality and both men and women have been treating their partner to sex toys this Valentine’s Day.

Current top sellers at Pulse & Cocktails are Fifty Shades of Grey Official handcuffs, bondage restraints, whips and eye masks and designer sex toys.

The film has sparked some controversy about S&m, but the company Director, Clair Chapman, says it is all taken far too seriously in the press and should be about having fun.

“Our company motto is ‘couples who play together, stay together’ and we firmly believe that promoting a happy, healthy sex life is good for relationships,” said Claire.

“Couples should have the choice and freedom of what they like to do in the bedroom and our stores offer ways of adding that extra spice. Experimenting is all about having fun and enjoying each other and for many couples that includes sex toys and bondage.”

The store is offering an exclusive 20 per cent discount to any customer who brings in their cinema ticket from the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.