Worksop: Resident unmoved in peaceful protest against Victoria Carpets

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A Worksop resident has taken a firm stance outside of Victoria Carpet in an attempt to force the company into fully refunding him for some work done in his home.

Tony Stark, 73, has situated himself outside the front entrance of Victoria Carpet, located just off the Worksop High Street, branding a sign saying ‘Don’t buy from Victoria Carpet con me out of £350’.

The move has come after Mr Stark and his wife, Shirley, went to the store to buy a carpet and get it fitted on - only for the company to allegedly to get the shade of carpet wrong to which the pair initially chose.

And now the retired miner insists he is not moving from outside the store until he has been given a full refund.

“Me and my wife came to buy a carpet, we chose one, they came to lay it, but it wasn’t the one we had chosen,” Mr Starks told the Guardian.

“They are refusing to admit that they are in the wrong and if I stand here long enough, like every Englishman’s right to protest, it may make people think twice before buying from the shop.

“I have had a bit of abuse, but I have also had a lot of support as well since I started on Monday. I have been brought cups of tea and biscuits and a lot of people are saying how great it is that I’m standing up for myself on the matter.

“They even went behind my back to go and see my wife. I didn’t want them troubling her and upsetting her more and I told them not to go, but they did anyway.”

The store has denied all the allegations that Mr Stark has told this newspaper.

Matt Daly, a Victoria Carpets sales assistant, dealt with the initial purchase of the carpet and insists there ‘is a bit of confusion’ from both parties.

Daly stands by his belief that the correct carpet was chosen and fitted, but admits his store failed to put up a door plate that was requested by Mr Stark.

Victoria Carpets have offered Mr Stark to swap the carpet free of charge with a 10% discount if he and his wife comes into the store and selects a carpet from a similar range.